Our dogs deserve nothing but the very best — especially when it comes to their food. What we feed our dogs directly impacts just about every aspect of their health and happiness, from how shiny their coats are to the amount of energy they have to how many years we get to spend with them. The problem is that there are so many canine cuisine candidates that it can feel next to impossible to know which food is the best for your fur baby.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve rounded up a list of the healthiest natural or organic dog foods that come both pet parent- and dog-recommended. All of our choices are grain-free in order to include choices for all pets, including those with food allergies. Since grain-free diets are normally healthy for all dogs to eat, our list is sure to have an option your four-legged companion will adore. However, if you prefer to include grains in your dog’s diet, most of these top-rated brands also have options with ingredients like wheat or corn, and they’re still deliciously natural or organic.

Is natural dog food the same thing as organic dog food?

Natural dog food and organic dog food are not the same. Both indicate a healthier food option than one that doesn’t tout earth-made ingredients, but the term organic is much more regulated than natural, which doesn’t have a lot of government oversight. In order for your pooch’s fare to be a certified organic, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) must be shown proof that the food’s plant-based ingredients were cultivated without chemicals like pesticides and man-made fertilizer, and that any animal-based products came from creatures that ate organic diets without antibiotics or added hormones.

Should I feed my dog natural or organic food?

Both natural and organic dog foods are a bit more expensive than those without either label, but many pet parents see the added cost as an investment in their dog’s health. Still, if your dog has a special diet related to a health condition — if he’s on a low-fat diet, for example — you should opt for whichever food benefits his unique health needs, regardless of its label.

Should I feed my dog grain-free food?

Grain-free dog food doesn’t contain any type of grain, including wheat, oats, corn, and rice. There are a few reasons dog owners often choose to eliminate this food group from their pup’s diet. Technically, your dog’s ancestors didn’t eat grains, so their bodies weren’t designed to process it. Over time, however, domesticated canine bodies have evolved to be able to digest grains and the gluten they contain, so unless your dog has an allergy to this food group, grain is typically safe for dogs to eat. If you’re concerned your pet has a grain allergy — for example, if he has symptoms like itching or extreme lethargy, especially after eating — try giving him grain-free food for a week to see if he feels better.

Best Healthy and Natural or Organic Grain-Free Dog Food