Is Rover Available in My Area Now?

As more pet parents are hearing about services like, which provide the convenience of on-demand dog walking and pet sitting, people all across the country are wondering if Rover is open for business where they live. With the incredible growth that Rover has seen since they first started in Seattle in 2011, the answer more often than not is “yes!”

Find a Pet Sitter on

While Rover got their start and is still based in Seattle, this mobile service has quickly expanded their reach. Rover service first spread to major metropolitan areas in the U.S., but that growth has since expanded to include smaller cities across the U.S. Most recently, Rover has opened operations in Canada and some parts of Europe as well.

Filling a Need for Loving Pet Parents

Part of Rover’s mission is to “remove obstacles to pet ownership.” For many people, one of the biggest obstacles they face is making sure their pet gets all of the walks, playtime, love, and attention they need. Before Rover was founded, pet parents who needed to go out of town were limited in their options for finding quality care while they’re away. They were left choosing between a boarding kennel, searching via personal referrals for a local pet sitter, or relying on friends and family.

When it comes to daytime care while you’re at work, few options were available at all. Rover has grown so quickly in part because they have filled a demand that wasn’t being met. In a wide number of cities, you can now find that quality care, whether your pup needs extra walks during the day or a trusted sitter while you travel. You can now use Rover to find help with dog walking, dog boarding, house sitting, pet sitting, and doggy day care.

Ingenuity and Convenience

Along with filling this need to connect pet owners with care, another reason Rover has grown so rapidly is that they do this in a way that’s quick and easy. There’s nothing simpler than using Rover’s app or website to find a variety of care providers who are available right where you live. And because they have expanded their services to so many different areas and developed a reputation for reliability, Rover has built a huge network of experienced caregivers. This broad network, combined with reviews and feedback from past clients, gives pet parents more choices than ever before.

In the time that Rover has been in business, they have also continued to improve their app and services to add even more convenience. Newer features include GPS tracking that lets you see where your dog goes on his walk, along with pictures and updates. This is good news for customers, because it means Rover keeps doing what they do best while continually improving. Customers all across America, and now overseas, have been consistently happy with their experience using Rover to find the perfect caregiver for their precious pooch.