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For many pet parents, the first company that comes to mind when they need a sitter to care for their fur children is For nearly a decade, the company has matched pet owners with experienced animal caregivers who tend to their dogs, cats, and other pets for drop-in, daycare, and overnight visits. Whether you need a dog walker to swing by once a week or someone to spend a few days keeping your pets company while you’re out of town, here is everything you need to know about Rover.

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Is free?

It’s free for pet parents to sign up for a Rover account, which allows you to browse the sitters available in your area. Those who sign up as caregivers may need to pay a small fee to cover the cost of a background check, depending on the services they’ll offer as a Rover dog walker or pet sitter.

How much does it cost to use

Those in search of care won’t pay a dime until they’ve booked service. The cost of a dog sitter, dog walker, or other service will vary, because caregivers set their own pricing according to their experience, the type of care being provided, and the local market. In addition, a 7-percent service fee will be charged for each reservation pet parents make.

Pet care providers may pay a small sign-up fee for Rover to perform a background check, which the company requires for some of its service providers. Rover also earns a commission for each booking by charging the caregiver either 15 or 20 percent of the total cost of the reservation, which is based on when the pet specialist began working with the site.

What are the hidden fees for

Rover is transparent in its pricing structure for both care seekers and service providers, and it doesn’t have any hidden fees. Pet parents will be shown the total they’ll be charged, including service fees, when finalizing their reservation, and will have to confirm the price before it’s processed.

Once their application for signing up has been approved, sitters will be informed of the commission Rover will receive with each booking. This amount will also be specified each time their services are booked.

It’s important to note that pet parents pay for their care at the time they book service, and the company only provides refunds under very special circumstances. This means if you need to cancel a reservation, you’ll still be charged. This helps protect pet sitters from missing out on business they could have taken on had they not committed to caring for your pet. Of course, if you think you deserve a refund, especially because you received poor service from a sitter, you should contact Rover’s support team to discuss your experience and ask about getting your money back.

Is a secure and safe site?

Rover’s platform, messaging, and payment systems are all secure. You can be certain your private information will be kept safe and will only be given to others in the Rover network with your permission, and any money you spend or earn will be sent directly where it needs to go.

What kind of background check does do?

Although not required, Rover offers the option of background checks for all of its pet care providers. Sitters and dog walkers can choose from two different types of screenings to give their potential and existing clients the confidence that their critters are in the best care possible.

Basic background checks verify a caregiver’s:

  • Legal name
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Address
  • National and local sex offender registry status
  • National Crime Database status
  • Terrorist watchlist status

Enhanced background checks also report on an individual’s criminal history at the county level based on their addresses spanning the past seven years.

Pet parents who are only interested in working with someone who has undergone a criminal history screening should keep an eye out for candidates with Rover’s background check badges on their profiles. Of course, you can also ask pet sitters or dog walkers to get one. They may be perfectly willing to, especially if it puts them in the running for long-term work.

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How do I find a dog sitting job on

The first step to finding a dog sitting job on is becoming a dog sitter online. Once you’ve taken that important step, use these tips to start finding local jobs dog walking and pet sitting:

  • Upload a profile photo that shows you doting on fur babies. People looking for pet-care providers want to leave their critters with people who love pets. Using an image that shows you with a beloved pet will immediately give those searching for care a good impression.
  • Refresh your profile information regularly. Keeping your contact information, experience, availability, and client photos updated helps the site connect you with people who are looking for someone just like you. Don’t forget to add information about all of the types of pets you’re willing to watch; in addition to dog walkers and sitters, there are always families looking for puppy sitters; cat sitters and kitten sitters; and people who have experience with pitbulls, animals with special needs, large dogs, and aging, older pets.
  • Get Rover’s Enhanced background check. This screening is a modest investment that will help show prospective clients that you’re trustworthy and serious about the work you do.
  • Be willing to work. Not every pet parent works a 9-to-5 job, so making yourself available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays will help you score work others may not be willing to work, which can help you build a loyal customer base.
  • Toot your own horn. Don’t be shy about promoting your Rover profile with your friends, family, and social network. Even if the people you know don’t have pets, they can help connect you to pet owners they know.
  • Ask for reviews on your Rover profile. Rover requests reviews from its customers after care has been provided, which makes it easy for you to add recommendations to your profile. If you’ve waited a few days for a review to come in, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for one.

How do I find a dog sitter on

It couldn’t be easier to find a pet sitter online using Rover:

  • Create your free account.
  • Enter information about what type of pet care you’re looking for and when you need it.
  • You’ll be taken to a page with profiles of local pet sitters and dog walkers who match what you’re looking for. While you’ll ultimately only hire one caregiver per visit, it’s a good idea to select a few candidates who seem like a good match and ask them to confirm their availability for your job.
  • Once you’ve found at least one potential care provider, invite them over for a getting-to-know you session with your pet. This meeting should last around 30 minutes, and it’s the time you should discuss all of the details of the job and your pet’s routine. If it seems like a good fit, you can confirm your booking online.

Does have an app?

Rover has a great app, and it’s a handy tool for carers and pet owners. It can be used to book service, correspond with sitters or clients, check in and out of jobs, and share photos from visits with a pet owner’s fur kids.

Should I be a dog sitter on

Rover is one of the most trusted names in pet care, and it’s a great option for building a part-time or even full-time pet-sitting or dog-walking business. Your involvement in your entrepreneurial pursuit will have a huge impact on your success, so be sure to share your profile, market your skills and expertise, and utilize all of the tools Rover offers for creating a steady business!

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Should I sign up for an account on

Rover and Wag are the two biggest pet-sitting companies in the country, but was the one that started it all. If Rover is available in your area, it’s a highly-rated company for finding pet care jobs or finding someone to watch over your furry loved one.